We were assigned by a globally acting client from the energy intensive industry to provide the central decision model for the ambitious decarbonization program.

As various aspects of decision quality play a key role in the development of the decarbonization strategy, our engagement covers the following:

  • Perform a Program Framing Workshop, in order to create and align the frame conditions for the decarbonization program
  • Prepare detailed planning documents for the program
  • Assess the key uncertainties for the program
  • Define scenarios to reflect the uncertainties
  • Develop and evaluate strategic options for decarbonization
  • Customize and implement a decision model for technology and project selection
  • Support the selection process
  • Develop an implementation roadmap for the decarbonization program
  • Support the program by applying decision quality elements and develop decision excellence

Our client’s benefits:

  • Relevant uncertainties ahead are identified
  • Conventional market opinion in the organization and conventional technical roadmap is called into question
  • Key stakeholders are aligned
  • Better understanding which technical option is economical feasible under which conditions
  • Robust options which are successful in all future scenarios are identified
  • Basis for the development and evaluation of real options
  • Evaluating value of information and value of waiting
  • Consensus for change is created
  • The resilience of the strategy is increased and builds the basis for agile reaction in a dynamic environment

Decision Modelling – Decarbonization – Strategy Development

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